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SERVICES: Architecture, Engineering, Laser Scanning, Construction Administration

PROJECT: This 6,500 SF Dental Simulation laboratory at NSU College of Dental Medicine in Davie, Florida was redesigned to implement new technology available in dental education. The existing stations were replaced with state-of-the-art modular units efficiently arranged in pods of 4 stations per unit; increasing the student capacity from 130 to 166 seats, allowing for future expansion of 28 additional seats.

The dental units, manufactured by Pininfarina, incorporate space, technology and utilities in a more compact, all in, circular footprint. Each station/seat has a fold out self-stored “patient”, monitor, air, vacuum, data, LED lighting and power for the new instruments. All utilities run through a new raised floor system finished with interlocking vinyl flooring. This system provided for minimal disruption while in construction and ease of facilities management.

One key element in this project was the use of laser scan technology in our field investigations, resulting in a scan-to-BIM as built model. This model was an essential tool to accurately depict specific 3D information, minimize penetrations and maximize students comfortably. The design elements and technology used in this project provide flexibility, easy access to infrastructure, and accurate documentation, all essential information necessary for future continued expansion of the Dental Program.

American School and University

 “2016” Outstanding Design

Learning by Design

 “2016”  Outstanding Project 

Nova Southeastern University - Dental Simulation Lab

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