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Nova Southeastern University - Institute of Neuro Immune Medicine

SERVICES: Architecture, Interior Design


PROJECT: ACAI was selected by Nova to provide pre-design services for the new Institute of Neuro Immune Medicine Clinic & Lab at University Park Plaza.


The Institute of Neuro Immune Medicine for Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is a 4,612 square foot interior build-out. The institute was created in 2012 with permanent facilities located adjacent to the University’s main campus. The Institute operates in a patient oriented environment that is committed to providing customized treatment plans with thorough follow-up and patient review.  As a result, the patients receive comprehensive care that is personally tailored for their best result. This is all accomplished under one roof. The clinical aspects of the operation, including check-in/check-out, patient interview room, exam rooms and infusion room are located adjacent to the lab. This allows the staff to act immediately on all aspects of the patient treatment and evaluation.


The balance of the space is made up of reception, office, and other general support spaces. This further supports the all under one roof philosophy. The clinic and lab are all in support of the institute’s research. The

staff can easily fl ow from patient, lab, office where the raw data is processed for research purposes.

American School and University

 “2013” Outstanding Design

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