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All Saints Episcopal Church


PROJECT: In 1998 Martin, Moul and Wilkin, Inc. was commissioned master plan and create a new image for the church which was originally completed by the same firm in 1949.  Taking cues from the proposed program and existing waterfront site, the new site plan creates a cloistered church/parish hall complex and opens vistas through and out to the waterway from the surrounding community as well as outdoor, gathering courts.


Designed to encircle and centralize the original sanctuary, parishioners are welcomed into a new day lit gathering space with an overhead ’bridge’ connecting second floor spaces. Classrooms and daycare facilities are sited along the main street side for easy access by parents for drop of and pick up. The main parish hall and interconnecting parlor, capable of seating over 500 people combined, for dining are served by an adjacent kitchen. An elevated deck overlooking the park and river opens to the west while a secured, open courtyard serves as an outdoor extension of the main sanctuary. A balcony outside the second floor classrooms above overlooks the courtyard. 

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